The “Park” @ 9GAG HQ

Introducing the 9GAG Engineering Blog

Here at 9GAG Engineering, we’re developing a software platform to help people share their fun stories and engage in interesting conversations. Millions of people around the world use 9GAG, with different preferences and cultures. This presents unique engineering challenges.

At 9GAG, we keep things simple and robust. In this blog, we’ll share what it’s like at the backstage of 9GAG. We’ll share stories of how we design and develop highly available and scalable systems to make the world happier. We’ll tell you why 9GAG is much more than “just a funny website/app”.

Here are some of the topics you can expect to see:

  • How we tackle unique scaling challenges
  • Building with our own technology
  • Tools we use, how they work and why we use them
  • Things we’ve learned (and mistakes we’ve made!)
  • Stories of how we develop and ship products

We hope you’ll enjoy hearing from us. if you’re the type of person who wants to make fun things that matter, go check out our careers page.

Stay tuned!

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